If you know, you know!


This collection came to fruition for a few reasons. First, it's my 10 year, c/o 09' what's up! Second, my mom cleaned out my old room in her house and lo and behold it was some of my old Alpha Week tees, TigerFest tees, and more and it really just made me feel nostalgic. So, I wanted to bring that feeling of nostalgia to the rest of my class with tees that represented the good times we had during our era. 


In the last week of Black History Month, we gotta do it big and donate 50% of the profit to TSU Foundation. Can't buy this week, no worries starting March 1, 2020, 25% of the profit will be donated. 

Dorm Roll Call Unisex Tee

  • Unisex Fit Tee. 100% Cotton. 

    Please allow 7 days processing time plus shipping