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About elleNelle


    Hey ya’ll! My name is Leah Langley-McClean, the owner of this joint. I’m a bad ass dream-dressmaker and designer. I’m self taught, well, self led. I’ve had some pretty dope mentors and teachers who’ve joined my journey over the years, so I can’t take all the credit. I began my journey as a bridal designer by creating my own wedding dress 7 years ago. Yes, I was totally out of my mind and over my head!  Let’s rewind a bit, I’m an accountant by trade (shout out to The TSU, Tennessee State University!), and still practice. Early in my career, I realized I wasn’t fulfilled because I’ve always been a creative at heart and I was suffocating by not doing anything to nurture that part of me. So, I decided take sewing more seriously and begin picking up one of my favorite past times, designing clothes (I used to sketch up everyones prom dresses and jersey dresses!). I picked up my Grammy’s old sewing machine and trial and error was the name of the game. I eventually found the bottomless educational resource called YouTube, although it wasn’t so bottomless 12 years ago. I taught myself to sew enough to be able to make party dresses and more, I created a brand called Racks Couture, sold a few dresses, did a few fashion shows, you know, out here! But, it wasn’t until I needed a wedding dress for my 2015 nuptials that I realized my true niche. I couldn’t find one that met all of my needs, something that was as glamorous as I am (If you see me on a regular, you’ll know why this is funny! I'm a t-shirt and jeans kinda girl these days. However, when I step out, baby I step out!). Back to the story, I also wanted something that accentuated my curves without major alterations due to my shape (small up top, large bottom), and something that I hadn’t seen worn a million times over. Not only that, the plus size shopping experience back then was trash! I’m hearing it still is today, but believe me it’s improved. Nonetheless, I was over stylists that didn’t appreciate my curves as I did, encouraging me to “cover up” my hips, tired of tired ass styles and limited options for anything over a size 20 (even though I normally wore a 12/14 in the real world, but I digress), and only feeling myself getting excited over a dress just because it simply fit, not that it was it’s what I envisioned for myself. At that point I knew, I knew there were other brides suffering and I created a solution for myself that could be their solution as well, giving brides the opportunity to be the hero’s to their own story by stepping out of the box and sourcing a resource (me) that can get them their dream dress. That’s how elleNelle Bridal became what it is today. Since getting started, we’ve been featured in The New York Times, Munaluchi, Pop Sugar, Daily TV, and so many more. I’ve been honored to help so many brides walk down the aisle in their dream dress/jumpsuit/suit/ensemble, causing so many heartfelt moments and lifetime memories. I love what I do, I do it with passion and integrity, and my brides will tell you that it shows! It would be my absolute honor to help you achieve your perfect bridal wardrobe, so don’t be scared, this is a safe space.  Go ahead and book your consult!


    elleNelle Bridal is Nashville’s premier custom bridal and formal wear boutique.


    elleNelle Bridal caters to the modern high fashion bride who creates her own rules. Our design aesthetic is contemporary, clean, and sleek. However, we are very flexible in our designing abilities and we can create a beautiful design for our more traditional brides.  You make the rules, we make the dress! Our goal is to always go above and beyond to make our brides feel beautiful and stunning on their big day!

    We cater to brides of all shapes and sizes: petite, plus size, curvaceous, tall, you name it!  If you're not local, no problem! We work with brides all over the US and internationally. 




    We start with a consultation. Based on the wants and needs of the client sketches are created, then a design is chosen. Measurements are then taken, and fabrics are carefully selected. Fittings are conducted for the best fit, and a beautiful quality gown is born!. 



    -Bridal gowns

    -Bridesmaid’s gowns 

    -Special occasion/ evening gowns (including prom and pageant gowns)

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