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The Release Collection

This collection draws its inspiration from a pivotal moment in my life, a period marked by tension and stress. The turning point came when I embarked on a journey to Sierra Leone following my grandmother's passing. To my surprise, upon my arrival, I was engulfed by an overwhelming sense of liberation and serenity—a profound weight seemed to lift from my shoulders.


During my stay in Sierra Leone, where I had gone to pay tribute to my grandmother's memory, I couldn't help but be moved by the sight of hundreds of people from all corners of the world gathering together. It struck me how much my grandmother would have cherished the opportunity to be a part of such a gathering in her lifetime. It was during this time that I came to appreciate the profound significance of weddings, as they are one of the rare occasions where all your loved ones converge in one place.


This experience became the driving force behind the theme of our latest collection: "The Transition from Tension to Freedom." The dresses in this collection serve as symbolic representations of the journey from stress to relief. They encapsulate the exquisite beauty of letting go and finding freedom, mirroring the transformation I experienced during my journey to Sierra Leone.


Collection ranges from: $2,700-$5,000+


The Maella Gown: An Elegance Unleashed

The Maella Gown stands as a captivating embodiment of our "Release" collection theme, celebrating the transformative power of liberation and beauty. This gown is a visual ode to the concept of release, beautifully manifested in its design.

At the heart of the Maella Gown lies a breathtaking display of pleated chiffon, cascading down the center front and back of the gown. These exquisite pleats, adorned with glistening crystal appliques, gracefully guide the eye, drawing it down to the thigh. Here, the pleats blossom into a beguiling and flowy mermaid silhouette, a symbolic representation of the beauty that emerges from the release of life's constraints.

While retaining the elegance of a fitted mermaid silhouette, the Maella Gown artfully captures the essence of transformation. It's a reminder that, like the pleats in the fabric, we too can unfurl into something more beautiful and unrestrained.

Adding to the gown's versatility and charm is its detachable organza overskirt. This feature allows you to choose between two distinct looks, catering to your desire for both opulence and simplicity.

And, not to be overlooked, the Maella Gown features a transparent corset back. This delicate detail adds an element of intrigue to the gown, allowing a glimpse of skin and enhancing the sense of liberation and beauty.

Whether adorned with the overskirt or not, the Maella Gown tells a story of liberation and transformation, embodying the very essence of our "Release" collection.

The Maella Gown invites you to embrace the elegance that emerges when we release our inhibitions, much like the pleats that flow freely down its exquisite silhouette.

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The Char Gown: A Tribute to Dance and Laughter
The Char Gown stands as a heartfelt tribute to the memory of your beloved late cousin, Charlene, who departed from us this year. In crafting this gown, we sought to capture the very essence of the "Release" collection, which beautifully celebrates the transformative power of life's most cherished moments.

Reflecting on the journey that led to this collection, we discovered the profound significance of weddings. It was in these joyful gatherings that we shared some of our fondest memories with Charlene—moments filled with laughter, dancing, and boundless celebration. This gown, in particular, evokes the spirit of Charlene's reception gown, making it a fitting namesake in her honor and memory.

As a true embodiment of the "Release" theme, the Char Gown features a structured corset with a Victorian neckline, emphasizing the idea of transformation through constraint. The corset extends gracefully to the hip, highlighting the wearer's silhouette and creating a sense of both tension and beauty.

The gown's skirt, with its enchanting asymmetrical shape at the hipline, symbolizes the fluidity of life's twists and turns. It flows into cascading organza ruffles, reminiscent of a waterfall in motion. The high split adds a touch of boldness, allowing the wearer to move freely and confidently. The gown's long, graceful train further enhances the sense of release, as it trails behind like a beautiful memory.

The Char Gown embodies the spirit of celebration, dance, and laughter, just as Charlene did in life. It's a poignant reminder that in the face of loss, we can find solace and beauty in honoring the moments that made our loved ones so cherished.

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The Rosaline Gown aka The Rose: A Blossom of Liberation
The Rosaline Gown, lovingly named in honor of my cherished late grandmother, is a radiant tribute that seamlessly embodies the spirit of our "Release" collection. Drawing inspiration from her name, this gown features a captivating rose-like neckline, adorned with ethereal organza flounces that gracefully frame the off-the-shoulder bodysuit.

In perfect harmony with our collection's central theme, "Release," this gown invites you to explore the transformative power of its design. The stretch crepe composing the bodysuit and skirt embraces the body, offering a sensuous, body-hugging effect—a testament to the tension that often accompanies personal transformation. As you move, the gown's silhouette flows into a magnificent cascade of organza at the top, symbolizing the beauty of releasing pent-up emotions and constraints.

Moreover, the Rosaline Gown addresses a common concern, one that often plagues those who opt for clean crepe gowns: the visibility of shapewear. Our design philosophy is rooted in empowering every wearer, and with that in mind, this gown incorporates built-in shapewear. By seamlessly integrating support within the gown itself, we aim to liberate you from the need to wear additional shapewear, freeing you to fully embrace the gown's elegance and comfort.

The Rosaline Gown is not merely a garment; it's a heartfelt ode to your grandmother's memory and a celebration of the journey from constraint to freedom that defines our "Release" collection.

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Dorothy Dandridge-Inspired Gown: A Timeless Release

This exquisite gown pays homage to the iconic Dorothy Dandridge, embodying the timeless essence that characterized her style. In perfect alignment with the overarching theme of our collection, "Release," this gown seamlessly blends classic silhouettes with the palpable tension and release of its design.

Much like Dorothy herself, this gown's silhouette transcends eras, standing as a testament to enduring elegance. It is in the details where the spirit of "Release" truly comes to life. The bodice is meticulously structured, invoking a sense of tension through its precise pleating, which converges at the waist. Here, the gown unfurls into three graceful tiers, a breathtaking manifestation of the release of pent-up energy, creating a captivating visual narrative of the journey from constraint to freedom.

With every step, this gown whispers stories of grace, strength, and liberation, mirroring the timeless allure and the profound release that Dorothy Dandridge epitomized in her own extraordinary life.

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