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You're engaged, now what?

You're engaged, now what? The first two things you should do is pick a date and venue! Depending on where you live and the demand, wedding venues can start filling up dates a year in advance or even more, especially since Covid. The venue can play a huge role in the theme or vision for your overall wedding. Solidifying this can help you choose what's next...your wedding dress!

Once you've locked down your wedding date and venue now you can start wedding dress shopping. I've seen brides put this off to the last minute and it didn't turn out too good for them. Their dress either didn't fit well or it didn't really blend with the overall wedding theme. Oh and let's not forget their last-minute panic! Your dress can definitely set the tone for your wedding. It can help you in determining what your bridesmaids will wear, wedding colors, theme, etc. For instance, you fall in love with a regal ball gown with an intricately beaded bodice. You're likely not going to want a boho-themed wedding or decor, you're probably going to want something more glitzy and glamourous. One might even argue that a bride may want to choose her theme first, then select a dress. My only issue with this is that you can potentially fall in love with a dress that completely contradicts your theme. I think the dress trumps the theme. Ultimately a bride wants to look their absolute best and feel completely confident on their big day, the dress helps achieve this, not the theme. Once you've got your date, venue, and dress selected the rest is easy peasy!

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