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Why Should Your Dress Have a Built-In Corset?

Corsets are a style choice that really packs a punch visually and are also a useful way to achieve the desired shape!


What is a corset?

A corset is an internal structure that can be built into a dress. It has some stiffness that helps give the gown support in areas that need it. It normally features a lace-up back that helps customize the tightness and security. It focuses on shaping the waist area, while also supporting the bust.


Here are our top reasons for utilizing them in gowns --

1. Snatches the Waistline

If you want to achieve that snatched look, there is no better way to do that than through a corset, especially one built into the dress. Corsets help to distribute your weight to the areas you want it and can guide you into the perfect hourglass figure while remaining comfortable.

2. Takes Tension off of the Zipper

When you have a dress with a corset, you can get it to hug the body closer without adding tension to the opening or making it hard to get on. If you've ever worn a tight dress with a zipper, you know this isn't the case! You would have the desired look... if only you could get the zipper zipped up! Or maybe you can get it zipped up but then it feels tight and brings out tensions lines in your dress, neither desirable!

3. Support Large Busts without a Bra

A lot of large-busted brides think it would be impossible for them to forego a bra on their wedding day and still get the support they need. A built-in corset does just that. By building in cups and bands of support there is a better version of a bra already in the dress!


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