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Custom Gowns Offer Perfect Fit Solutions!

"I didn't like that my dress selection was limited based on my body type, so I decided to go custom"

One of the best reasons to go the custom route for your wedding dress is our ability to offer unique fitting solutions so that your design choices are not limited! Many women may find by trying on ready-to-wear gowns that they are stuck with fewer options or restricted to styles they didn’t envision based on their body. At elleNelle we know, it’s not your body causing the issues, it’s the dress! When you go custom, the sky's the limit. We give the extra attention, which means no design is off the table and fit is always flawless!

Are you top-heavy? You can still wear a sleeveless gown! Even without a bra! Our dresses feature built-in corsets that offer the support you need to feel comfortable. Check out our bride, Angel, below-- feeling confident and secure because her dress is doing what it needs to do!

Are you tall? Don’t limit yourself to the extended length section, when you can truly have any style you want at the length you need by working with us! Our bride Monique (seen below) is a perfect example of this!

Other fit issues? Drop us a line to find out how we would find the fitting solution. Your body is beautiful and you deserve a dress that fits you– not the other way around.


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