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Brides Prepare for your Wedding Day By Assigning Someone to Get You Dressed

Hey, hey! Today I want to focus on one wedding tip very important to getting you the best overall wedding look on your big day. At your final fitting, you want to have the person who is going to help you get dressed to attend your final fitting. Especially, if you're going to have a corseted gown.


When people see a corset they get so intimidated! It works essentially like lacing shoes, however, because there are so so many lacing holes and that long strap, people are like “OMG! How in the world do I tackle this?” Not only that, you have to be able to cinch in the waist generally that's what a corset is intended to do. The last thing you want is for the person getting you dressed to come in on the day of your wedding ill-prepared; leaning on hope and luck to get you dressed. They need to be 100% confident in assembling the dress to ensure the final look is as you expected and represents what you paid for.

What if I have a bridal stylist?

Some people have the luxury of having a bridal stylist who will take care of everything. They’ll know exactly how the dress should look and will be prepared to lace it up whether you have a visible or invisible corset. (Invisible corset aka built-in corset -lacing is on the inside of the dress and has a zipper on the outside so the corset isn’t visible.

Although it’s likely that if you hired a stylist, more than likely they’ll be at your final fitting. Either way, they’ll be able to accommodate you by using their extensive experience in styling to ensure your dress will look as it’s intended to look. We actually offer a white-glove service for our brides where we'll come and get you dressed the day of your wedding (sorry exclusive to our elleNelle Bridal tribe).

What if I don’t have a bridal stylist?

If you don't have one, that’s perfectly fine. You just want to assign someone to the task whether it's your mom or your maid of honor. Whoever you choose just be sure to have the final fitting so that they can be assisted with how to properly get you in the dress. Also, you want to get them accustomed to how the dress should look once fully assembled. Honestly, you may want to have them practice a couple of times while they're there and again at home, practice makes perfect! In addition, take plenty of photos of the final look and record a video getting into the dress. Even when it comes to bustling your gown you want to capture that as well because this can get tricky too. Remember, ask questions if something doesn’t make sense to you. Brides, also make sure you’re paying attention as well so you can give direction if needed. No one is probably going to remember the small details like you.

What’s the risk?

Ultimately you risk not looking as fabulous as you possibly can on your day. There are so many instances where I see a corset strap hanging from the bottom of the corset (tuck those in!)

Or the dress wasn’t held up high enough on the bust for proper placement before being laced up. I’ve heard horror stories of bustles being bustled up inside out exposing the inside of the dress. I can promise you, exposing the inside of the dress is never a part of the bridal look. Remember, you’re paying for this stuff, and you want to get your money’s worth!

Another thing, you don’t want someone lacing you up in your dress for the first time on your wedding day, because it will take them forever. So let’s preserve that wedding timeline and do the homework. You’ll thank me later! lol

What if my assigned person can’t attend the fitting that day?

For my brides both local and not with no helping hands, I record the how-to video which can then be taken to your assigned person for them to then practice. I encourage you to get that dress out and get to practicing in a CLEAN space, protect the dress at all cost!

Here's a short how-to video for lacing up corsets

I’ll leave you with this, I know there are plenty of things for you to worry about on your big day and this is adding to the list. I’m telling you though, it’s worth the headspace. You don’t want to let your investment in your wedding dress go to waste because the dress wasn’t put on properly. Every time you look at those photos you want great memories, not to be reminded that your dress wasn’t on right.


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