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Top 5 Reasons To Invest In A Custom Wedding Dress

Reason #1

Flexibility. You have the flexibility to get exactly what you want. Have you found yourself shopping for your gown finding things you like about this dress and that dress and just wishing you could somehow merge it all together for the perfect dress, WELL YOU CAN! During the process at elleNelle Bridal we have our brides provide us with an inspiration board or Pinterest board including photos of those things you like and don't like and based on all of that information we'll create your dream elleNelle dress.

Reason #2

The Experience. At elleNelle Bridal you get a true couture experience. We design your gown together, starting with the sketch process. We then select fabrics best for the design sourced from all of the world. A prototype of your dress will be made, at this point you'll be able to point out adjustments you want made. You'll then have fittings and you'll be able to see your dress evolve. It's a great experience seeing the process of your dress being made from start to finish!

Reason #3

The dress will fit! Fit matters when it comes to any apparel, but especially your wedding dress. A beautiful design means nothing when the dress does not fit well. At elleNelle Bridal, when you go with a custom dress you will have multiple fittings to ensure the dress fits perfectly!

Reason #4

It's affordable. A lot of people hear custom and assume right off the back the price is beyond reach. Our custom dresses generally start around $3,500. Of course this all greatly depends on the design and complexity of your dress on top of the fabric selection.. Also, once you purchase the dress you don't have to worry about additional alteration cost.

Reason #5

One of a kind. With elleNelle Bridal your custom dress is one of a kind. It's truly unique to you and your personality.

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